Reference number in the document is not starting with 1

I am writing a long thesis and suddenly EndNote mixed  reference order: it does not start it with the number 1 but instead with 3. And what it count as a number 1 is actually a reference number 11. I saw the post how to solve the problem when one has references under the figures (so the endnote prioritize it) but the fact is that I don’t. 
Does someone know how to solve that problem?
Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

So you are absolutely certain you don’t have text in a box or in a frame with a citation?  Unformat and search for that citation to be absolutely sure.  

So I realized this in another thread, as it is the textboxes and not the frames that are the problem, and Word 2010 makes it harder to insert a frame – but here are instructions that aren’t too painful.

This is the simplest way to insert a Frame as opposed to a textbox in Word 2010/2013 avoiding the legacy hack.  

See for a discussion of the likely cause (citation inserted into a textbox usually associated with a figure), but view  this recent solution to the problem which is a better fix than that oulined in the first link.