Endnote X8 Error Message when attempting to import citations into Word 2016 Document

When attempting to insert selected citations into a MS Word document, I am getting this message. “This method or property is not available because the drawing operations cannot be applied to the current selection”. I have tried to insert ten different references with no luck.

The document had previously had the MS Word References function used. But I converted all the references to text only format and deleted the bibliography and nothing is helping.

I need to get these references inserted into the document.

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Can you insert citations into a new document?  If so, there must be something about the attributes of the document you converted.  

I have been testing Endnote X9 with different templates. I got the error that you described when I attempted to enter reference in some pre-defined text fields. I guess that there is conflict between what Endnote wants to do and what MS Word document rules allow.

Attached is the screenshot of the issue I experienced. 

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I am currently facing this error message too, It’s all about the format of your word document that you are using. Hopefully, by changing the format by saving it in the word 2003 document format, the error will be gone!