EndNote X8 not importing all references from ACM-DL search


I’m trying to import search results from ACM-DL into EndNote, but it only appears to import a fraction of them… ~22 out of over 1000.

I’m using the ‘export results: endnote’ feature on ACM-DL - I could go through each article and manually import it, but clearly that’s going to be extremely time consuming.

Any help would be appreciated!

The problem doesn’t seem to be with Endnote but with ACM-DL.

It looks like ACM-DL limits exporting of references to those shown per page. So selecting the Export Results >Endnote function is only going to enable exporting whatever references are displayed on the current page. (You can verify this by exporting the results to your desktop then viewing the text file in MS Word. You’ll see the last reference on the list will correspond to the last reference on the ACM-DL page.) In order to retrieve all of the references you will need to view the search results for each page then export the references.

I assume you have looked at the file created by the ACM-DL export process?  Does it contain 1000 records, or does the database restrict the number it will export?  – I know that is the case with some other databases.  (oops, see CG was there ahead of me with the answer).