how to import ALL references from databases??

Hello everyone,

I exported all the references that I found on several databases as an EndNote file. They are 837 search results in total. But when I try to import them into a new EndNote library, but just 503 of them got imported.

I don’t need any filter, but ALL the refenrences. But I couldn’t “turn off” the filter, because it seems like I have to choose one…   :frowning:

When I use word to open the file, there were 837 results, which means my file is fine.

Please…can anyone help me?

Thank you in advance!

Liz from Germany

If the file to be imported into EndNote is an aggregation of individual searches conducted on multiple databases is it possible there are duplicate records?  The import feature includes a duplicate options “Discard Duplicates” (see attached image of import settings) so if this is selected then duplicate records in the file will be excluded.

You can test whether duplicates do reside in the file by changing the duplicates option to “Import into Duplicates Library” to see if all 837 records are then imported.

Also you don’t mention what version of EndNote you’re using but presumably you are running a version which has been updated with any applicable patch (?).

Import File - Duplicates Setting.gif