EndNote X8 on 2016 15inch MacBook Pro with Word 2016 issues


I’m not sure if I’m the only one experiencing this. I am running Endnote X8 on a brand new macbook pro (fresh install). The machine is specced out the wazoo, but somehow Endnote does not run smoothly. My library is barely 450 references long with no groups whatsoever (deleted them based on advice I found online). 

Other issues that I have encountered:

1- I used to be able to drag a PDF onto the reference in Endnote, and it would be added under the files. This has stopped working for some reason. The only way for me to get pdfs into my references, is to open up the references and drag the file to the “file” section

2- When using my institution’s “Authentication” function to find full texts, the entry boxes sometimes refuse to keep the username info in them, and instead revert to an empty field. The same authentication link is used for off site access and has no issues in safari.

I am running a fully updated MS word 2016 (15.31), and fully updated EndNote (X8 build 12000). The machine is a 2016 15inch macbook pro Quad core i-7 running at 2.9Ghz, with 16 gb of ram, 1tb HD, and is running Radeon Pro 460 ( I believe it is beyond overkill for MS Word and End-note)

Any advice and/or tweaks?


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I’ve a maxed-out 2014 MBP 15’’ and experience similar issues. X8 just doesn’t run very smoothly, not even better than X7 did.

However, regarding your first issue: you can just drag die PDFs onto the endnote icon in your dock (if you have it there), then it imports the documents. Dragging them into Endnote directly without the Import-function doesn’t work for me either (I also hate it that there is no keyboard shortcut like CMD+I for the import dialoge). 

@ 2: Same here. When i click on Authenticate, i have to type in my user information every single time. I dont think there’s a workaround for this.