EndNote X9 Ambiguous citations problem (APA 6th)


I have an issue with APA 6th output style. I edited the settings for ambiguous citations so that EndNote does not include the author initials of full name in citation, but rather adds more author until the citation is unique. I saved my edits but when I updated citations & bibliography in my document nothing changed: I still have initials for my ambiguous citation.

Anyone knows how to handle such a situation ? I don’t want to have to manually edit them out when I finish my document…

Thanks a lot!

Have you tried to change the name of the style?
As Leanne (our “mentor” on the list :wink:) has reminded us for years: It is not always easy to control which of the styles Word uses if you do not change the style name.

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Please see the following Knowledge Base article that talks about this type of issue.


In addition to the Ambiguous Citations setting you will want to look at the setting under Author Name under Citations.