Endnote X9 build 12026: Endnotes fails to cite a journal article correctly,

Endnote X9 build 12026: Endnotes fails to cite a journal article correctly,

For example: consider the article below

“Designing a property tax reform strategy for sub‐saharan Africa: an analytical framework applied to Kenya”

As per the screenshot, for this article the author is wrongly typed

How this issue can be resolved?

Property Rating in Ipoh - Malaysia

Try putting each “author” on a separate line, Make sure you have a Comma at the end of the institution name
Kelly, Roy
Public Budgeting Finance,

The secret is the comma. EndNote assumes that everything in front of the comma is the author’s surname, and everything after the comma must be given names . If there is no comma, then EndNote assumes the last word in the string of words must be the surname and everything in front of that word must be the given names. Surnames are displayed in full. Given names are abbreviated and this can make intuitional citations look very odd when the comma is in the wrong place

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  1. Why the name of journal appears in the author field?
  2. But how can I edit the info and still taken as the citation inserted in Word?
  3. If I edit the info, as per the screenshots below, then they are not taken as the citation is inserted in Word


  1. Search for this article in google scholar
    Designing a property tax reform strategy for sub‐saharan Africa: an analytical framework applied to Kenya
  2. Import it to Endnote
  3. Insert the selected citation
  4. The result is wrong

How this issue can be resolved?

Edit the citation in Endnote so everything is in the correct field (it is quite common to have citations imported with errors in them). Once you have saved the changes go back to the word document and update the citations
EndNote should now look for changes and bring them across

How to save the changes in Endnote?

Saving:There are two options, click on another record and it will automatically save the changes or prompt you to save. If you double click the record it will open in its own window and when you close it will save or prompt you to.
Red text: The red text means that the library doesn’t have the journal title in the journal list already*. If you use abbreviated journal titles in your references go down to “alternative title” and put in the abbreviation as well. Once you have saved the record it will mostly likely no longer be red but being red doesn’t effect the output. *You can also have red authors and red keywords when they are “new” to your library. Don’t worry too much about them.

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Great. the first option works fine

  1. The name of the Journal is cut\pasted from the Author field to the Journal field. One may consider making sure that the name of the journal is written in same line and to delete the percent sign
  2. Click the “my group” option. In this case, Endnote will prompt you to same. Do save.
  3. Go back and “imported selected” option. You will be observing that the reference is modified
  4. Select the reference
  5. Go to Word and insert the selected citation

So we’re good here? – Do check out this link in the help section of the Endnote help site, as often if a journal is imported incorrectly, it can end up in the Journal terms list and styles that use that list will still cite things wrongly, pulling inaccurate data from the table. I turn off auto updating of the journal terms list (in preferences) and import one for my field. Follow the instructions in the link above.

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Upgrading to Endnote 20 resolves the issue. It has also a tool to save the content if edits occured in the fields