Endnote X9 Footnote issue

Hi there!

Really hoping somebody can help me with this as I’m new to Endnote. 

When inserting a footnote citation into my Word document, the software is changing one of the letters into uppercase even though it is lowercase in my library.

It should look like this:  Le bal des murènes

But it is being changed to:Le bal des murèNes

Does anybody have any idea why this might be happening and how I can change it?

With thanks. 

Please contact Technical Support directly

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1



We are here to help whenever you run into issues.

Probably something to do with the entry in your library. I tried with various styles in a footnote and all appears OK.

Presume this is a corporate Author name? First check your Author terms list. Tools > Open Terms List > Author Terms List. Check the entry is correct and remove any duplicate entries here. 

Open the reference in the library and delete the Author name entry, start re-typing. EndNote should auto suggest the entry from the terms list. Accept this and save. Go back to your document, make sure you have it backed up safely, unformat the citations and then update citations to see if the issue is corrected. If any miss-match citations appear, use the miss-match window to insert the correct reference(s).