correct an intext citation


I discovered that by using export itations from various publishers that the citations were a mess (one authour was refered to as C, CR, CharlesR, etc)  So I went and cleaned them up, but in m word doc the changes are not there, is there a way to redo the citations in a paper all at once instead of deleting and then adding each new one?

Did you try unformatting then reformatting the citations (use a copy of the original document when testing).

What version of Endnote are you using?  

The problem is that when you change the author, it is one of the critical pieces that tells endnote which record in your library you are linking to.  If the author has changed, endnote thinks the record is no longer in the library and keeps the “traveling version” of the citation in the manuscript.  I thought that X6 was smarter than previous versions, but I am not sure. The somewhat painful way to fix this, is to unformat and reformat and hope that Endnote brings up the matching record number, which is what CrazyGecko suggested.