problem with Endnotes in Word

Hi! I’m using X9 and Word on my Mac. The journal I’m writing for requires Author and year in Endnotes (with full bibliographic reference in a final references section). When I try to insert a citation into an endnote and select Author(year), the whole reference is being inserted. How can I stop that and just get the author surname and publiation year please?

What is put into a footnote/endnote is defined by the output style you are using, There is a setting that the footnote can be formated according to the rules of the citation, the bibliography or each template can be defined in the footnotes.  see the image attached for the options in the dropdown.

Thanks for your reply Leanne. How do I open the Style window?

In the endnote program, Edit, >output styles, edit “your chosen style” (in windows version anyway).  

After changing the footnote setting,  Then SAVE AS to a slightly new name and go back to the word and choose the new style in the endnote ribbon.   Do not use the same name for the style, especially if it is a “installed” style and not a downloaded style.