EndNote's problem with Word 2007

I have been using EndNoteX4 and everytime I open any MS word document, a dialog box opens saying “Windows can not save this file as it is open somewhere else: EnWebCWYW.dot” and after that I am unable to close MS word. On trying removing this file from Word start-up, where I had pasted them earlier to make EndnoteX compatible with Word 2007, I am unable to do so as a dialog box opens saying “This action can not be completed because this file is open in MS word.” There is one more file En10Cwyw.WordXP.wll.

I have Microsoft Office 12 on my laptop but I use Microsoft Office Word 2007 (if this info is relevant here).

Please help me resolve the issue.

I have the same issue, could you solve it ?



No, I could not. Didn’t get any inputs either.