Endnote X4 and Word 2007 error

Recently we’ve had several users with Windows 7 (32-bit) report getting an error from MS Word when Endnote X4 is installed with the Cite While You Write plug-in:

“there was a problem sending the command to the program”

This happens when Word is not already open and the user double-clicks a file to open it as opposed to going to File → Open.  After completely installing Endnote, the problem goes away.  Additionally, each file will open successfully one time, and it’s only when it’s opened subsequently that the error comes up.  I’ve also updated to X4.0.2.

I’ve seen lots of posts on other forums referring to this error in Excel, and offering various ways around it.  None, however apply to Word.  My colleague has been in touch with Endnote support, and they’ve indicated that they’ve not seen this elsewhere.  They simply pointed me to one of the forums with suggestions that I’ve already tried.  They also suggested trying the following, which I did, but none of which helped:

*  Try lowering Windows’ UAC setting.

*  Halt IE from running in protected mode.

*  Right click the WINWORD.exe file, go to “Properties”, then the “Compatibility”

 tab to make certain Word is not set to run in compatibility mode.

*  Try changing the default printer in Word.

*  Right click on a .docx file, go to “Properties”, and verify exactly which program is set to launch this type of file.

Has anyone seen this behavior before with Word and Endnote and could offer additional suggestions to try?