error when closing Word 2003

I just upgraded to EndNote X2 and after installing the upgrade I opened Word and successfully inserted a reference from my database.  However, when I closed Word I got an error dialog that said, “Do you want to save the changes to ‘EndNote’?”  I have contacted Thompson about this error in the past (by both email and phone) and tech support is unable to resolve it.  Does anyone else have any ideas?

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I have the same issue with Endnote X1 on Word 2002 on XP. I think it arises out of the other macros that I am using as I do not have the same issue on other computers with Word 2003/XP or Word 2007/Vista.  The error arises only where there is integration of Word with a document management syste (Desksite).


Any thoughts on how to make it go away would be helpful

I’m having same problem with X2 and Word 2003 SP3.  I sent an email to tech support.  In my case, this problem arises when I do a windows desktop search and it finds an email with a word attachment or it finds an actual word document.  Desktop search tries for create a preview of the word document.  This must initiate some change to the that conflicts with any other open document where this template is loaded.  I have no solution, I hope this might be some clue for someone. 

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I had the same problem and contacted the Customer Support - they proposed to buy EndNote X3 which solves the problem. Unbelievable!

Win XP and Office 2003 are still out there (they are still the best for business/simple work). Thomson has a responsibility to support at least EN X, X1, and X2 for compatibility with XP and Office 2003 AT FREE OF CHARGE. I agree it is unbelievable.

Same issue with Endnote X2 and Word 2007.

The workaround consists in saving to some other place ( say) and get on with it. 

I have no intention of buying X3, and expect this to be fixed in some patch.

Hey I just posted a solution for Word 2010 though…

I had the same problem. I am using EndNote X4 and Word 2010 though. Well, this worked for me.

  1. Go to File>Options>Add-ins

  2. In the manage scroll down menu select: COM Add-ins and clisk GO

  3. Uncheck : EndNote Cite While you Write and then OK

  4. If you get asked to save cwyw.dotm just after the above hit OK

  5. You are done!

Don’t know for Word 2003… :(  But I guess is something in  Menu>Help and something there where you uncheck an option of the Add-ins of EndNote … Good luck