Endote- updates on newly inserted documents with reference.


          Can some tell me how to disable Endnote update when inserting new text with its own reference. in my case, i have an existing text with its references. I add a second text with its own references and list at the end to this  first document. I dont want Endnote to update and merge these two citations. Is there a way to keep these two separate?


Sorry, but not quite clear what you’re asking. It seems that you want to combine two documents or sections each having a separate reference list but in a way which keeps the reference lists separate to their respective section (?)

If so then what you need to do is to modify your Endnote output style file’s “Sections” to select: Create the bibliography for each section.* (Refer to instructions below and the attached image.) Then at the end of the reference list of the first document/section, use Microsoft Word to insert a section break. Then insert the second document/section with the reference list.


*Go to the Endnote toolbar and select Edit> Output styles >Edit [name of your output style file]. In the output style’s dialog box click to select “Sections” and select “Create the bibliography for each section”. (Refer to attached image.) Close the dialog box which will save the changes to a new output style file with the word “Copy” added to the file name. Change the settings in MS Word to use the new output style file.

 Hello CrazyGecko,

                                    your understanding is accurate. To clear this up further. I have a document written by me and has its own references in vancouver style but i need to add below this another section from colleague which has its own style APA6th. I tried your method and changed the section for both styles. Instead of making a list for each section with its own numbering and style it merged the two references and add the complete list at the end. the problem is still there. is there somthing i am missing?

thanks for the help so far. 

What you’re missing is a section break which should be inserted to separate the two sections so each section has its own reference list.

For example, while using your modified output style file which has been set to create bibliographies in each section, for your document insert a section break following the last entry in the reference list. (From the Page Layout tab, click on Breaks, and then select one of the four options under Section Breaks: ext Page, Continuous, Even Page, or Odd Page.) Then below the section break now add your colleague’s section which includes its own reference list. The combination of the section break with the modified Endnote output style will maintain each section and reference list separate from the other.

For more information about creating multiple bibliographies in a single document go to the Endnote toolbar and select Help >Search for help on; then type “Creating a Bibliography from Multiple Documents” in the search box.


One more thing. You and your colleague are using different output styles  but when compiling your work only one style can be applied (either Vancouver or APA right paren.

The best way is to keep them as two documents and then make a copy of each, and convert to plain text and combine them before submitting.  Really – it is the only way.  Another way is to use two different delimiters (curly and square), but you still have to convert to plain text after formating the first with one set of delimiters.  

So with CWYW off, you use curly and colleague uses square while writing.  Format with bibliography menu set to curly and Vancouver, then using the endnote ribbon, convert to plain text, (making sure you do save to a different file name, so you can still revise the original with endnote temp citations intact) and then switch the bibliography menu to use the square brackets and change to the APA output style and format again.  

second way is really not much easier.