More than One References Headings


i can not seem to save a word file with endote refereneces and then open the file and add new references to the existing ones, it always seem to open a new reference heading and start as if no references allready exist.

how do i add new references into the origional list of references i created???

help please 

How are you creating the document?  What are your steps and workflow?

You can ctrl+Y to copy a formated version of the record or selected records in endnote, and  ctrl+V to paste them into the document.  

Or are you exporting them or creating a subject bibliography, which is always to a new document.  

Check the Endnote APA 6th output style file’s “Sections” setting to confirm it’s been set to “create a bibliography at the end of the document” – and not to generate a bibliography after each section. (See attached image.) [Go to the Endnote toolbar and select Edit >Output Styles >Edit APA 6th. In the APA 6th pop-up dialog box click “Sections”.]


My work flow is as follows

all references are stored in end note 

i am wiriting in word and using the plug in

i go to insert citations, pick the reference and it is automatically inserted

however when i open the word file again and follow the same method it creates a new reference section 

see image below.

I do not know how to find the section suggested, is it in word or on end note online?

how do i find this section to turn off the creation of new references each time?

thank you for the help so far.


What output style are you using (This file name would be on the Endnote ribbon in word).

Is anyone else viewing this document in a different program?  

can you zip the word file up and attach the zipped file here?  (in the attachments box, choose file when you reply). If not, make a copy and in the directory view, change the file name to be .txt (it will warn you) and then attach that file (tell us what the extention was (.xdoc or .doc or something else).  

@bosco wrote:


I do not know how to find the section suggested, is it in word or on end note online?

how do i find this section to turn off the creation of new references each time?



You may be getting duplicate reference sections: 1) if you’ve been using section breaks in your document ; and 2) the Endnote APA 6 output style file’s “Sections” setting is set to generate a reference list for each section.

To check the output style file:

  1. In Endnote, go to the Endnote toolbar and select select Edit >Output Styles >Edit APA 6th. In the APA 6th pop-up dialog box click “Sections”.
  2. Confirm/change the setting to: Create a bibliography at the end of the document.
  3. Close the output style file’s dialog box. Any modifications made to the output style file will be saved as a new file with the word “Copy” added to the file name. So adjust the settings in MS Word to use the new Endnote output style file.

I am using endnote basic and cant see this option?

Am in just not looking in the right place 

the style is APA 6th, no one else is using this file

file format .otd word doc ?

Sorry, thought you’re using the desktop version of Endnote. If you’re using Endnote Basic you will not be able to access and modify the APA 6th output style file. Are you accessing Endnote Basic from a university network?

.odt is an Open Document Text file – are you using either Open office or Google Docs? Are you able to attach this file so we may see it?

otd will erase endnote fields – it is not compatible with word fields.  That is your problem.  you can not jump between word and open office formats or you will lose your fields.  


I am trying to upload the file, but it will not let me upload a .odt file 


this is a ziped copy of the file 

i dont know how to put the references together into one and stop new one appearing ???

thank you for the help


Thesis ref test (2).zip (482 KB)


can anyone see whats wrong with this file?

help please !


you need to zip it up (ok you did that) – further comments at the end after editing

but I reiterate, if you save a word document as an .odt file you WILL LOSE YOUR ENDNOTE FIELDS and it will not work.  You either need to work in OpenOffice with endnote on .odt files and save them from OOF or you need to save your document as .doc or .docx files in word and only work in word with endnote.  Any other combination will convert the fields to plain text and you will continue to create new bibliographies at the end of the document each time you save and open the document.  

In the document you have attached, there are no longer any endnote fields.  Why are you saving it as an .odt file and not as a .docx or .doc file?  

Looking further, I can see that you have a mentor making comments.  If he is using OpenOffice and saving it, this will also delete your fields.  You need to consider using OOF, but I don’t believe basic endnote online works with Open Office either.  You may need to review or incorporate your mentors comments by openning the two documents side by side (the .doc and the .odt) and linking them, and modifying the word document from the mentors comments in the Open Office version.  maintaining the .doc file as it is and saving it as a word .doc filetype.  


thank you for the help 

i will save it as a .doc file

It would have saved a lot of time if a notice or popup was created by endnote to say it does not work with the latest version of word.

thank you again for all the help.


It does work with the latest version of word.  It doesn’t work if you use alternative save as file types which are not native word formats.