ENREF error in word


some of the endnote citations in my large word document are suddenly followed by ENREF and a number, for example Smith 2013 ENREF_17. I first noticed this after I had copied the file to a usb stick, worked on it on a different PC (without changing references), and copied it back to its original location.

Do you know a solution for this problem except going through all the citations in the text separately? An internet search for “ENREF” did not bring any results, but I cannot be the first one having this problem, right? I tried updating the citations and bibliography, didn’t work. Also unformatting and then updating again did not work. Any ideas?

What exactly did you copy to the USB and back? (edit: on rereading, the word docucument and not the library?)  If the .enl file without the .DATA folder, you have likely corrupted your library.  What operating system are you on (that sounds like  a Mac error when it can’t find the “field” information?)  

Thanks for the reply. I have Windows on both PCs, no Mac involved. I copied the whole folder to the USB stick, including the endnote files. (This was also a security backup). Then I used this USB stick to work on the word file on the other PC. Afterwards, I just copied the Word file back to its original location on PC 1, not the other files, and as far as I remember I had even paid attention not to change any reference when working on it on PC 2.

I’m not quite sure at which step exactly the error occurred. The word file has >100 pages and also >100 references, of which a small but considerable number seems to be affected.


I had the same problem when others had contributed to the document. Had it in X5, with office 2010. Haven’t encountered in X7 with office 365 though.

See attached .png.

Word had somehow altered into a hyperlink and it was a real pain to remove the affected code from the document. Don’t exactly recollect what I did to remove it. 


I’m having the same problem now with my PhD thesis. I’m only accessing the document on my computer, and am not accessing the file in different places. My computer is running X7 EndNote and Word 2013. Both were freshly installed about two weeks ago.

 The workaround I’m using is:

  • Click somewhere on the ENREF text.

  • Right click, and choose “Remove Hyperlink”.

  • Delete the text.

I haven’t noticed any issues with the remaining citations yet. I’ll go through it (all 180 pages!) in detail next week.