ENREF error on EndNote X7

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I am writting a word document with 340 pages and 430 references. Everything is going fine, except that in some references, instead of appearing like (Author, year), it appears (_ENREF_XXX) (with XXX being 387; 196; 202; 377; 276; etc.). And I don’t know how to fix this.

Some notes:

-ENREF only appears on footnotes;

-I am using EndNote X7, Word 2010, Windows 8.1;

-Not all references in the footnotes appear as ENREF, just some (46 to be more precise);

-I did all the writting by myself, and did not copy any EndNote references from other documents;

-If I copy the an ENREF EndNote reference to another word document, it turns into a normal reference (even if put in a footnote), but if I copy that good reference back to the footnote of the main article it turns back into ENREF;

-I have the in-text references underlined and with links to the full references at the end of the document;

-ENREF only appears in the in-text references (in the footnotes). The full references at the end of the document are fine;

-If I change the reference format to Author (year) the problem is solved. But I need those references to be in (Author, Year) format.

ATTENTION: If I uncheck the underline linked references option the problem is completely solved. BUT THE DOCUMENT MUST HAVE REFERENCES UNDERLINED BY ENDNOTE TO BE ACCEPTED.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance :wink:

Have you tried unformating and (convert to unformated citations) reformating?  (update citations and bibliography) 

Thanks for the reply.

I typed Alt 4 (to unformat), then I clicked on “update citations and bibliography”, but the problem still remains on the exact same references.

ADDED in EDIT:  You might want to run thru the cleanup steps, which are to unformat citations, then select all and remove all field codes, and then reformat.

original post: 

do they unformat to the appropriate unformated citation?  Are they of a different ref type than the ones that work?  

sounds like you need to contact support  – here are the instructions from Tony on that

Please contact Technical Support directly

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1



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Hello again,

I compared the unformated version of the ENREF with one from the same author (that is working) and there are no differences. I even selected the option to see all field codes, and even there there were no differences.

I went through the clean up proces you suggested, but the problem still remains on the same exact references. I even copied the version that had the field codes removed and the unformated citations to a new word document, and then reformated, but the problem still remains.

Unfortubatly the link you sent me does not work, it might be because I am from Portugal.

I have noticed though that if I delete everything before the literature review (which is just plain text, one image, and some references) the number of ENREF occurences decreases by 1 (from 46 to 45).

Try www.endnote.com and the support tab?  Not sure there is a Portugal phone number though.  – but you should be able to submit and inquiry online? 

If you can zip the formated word file and attach it (or a part of it showing the error) I might be able to look at it? - But Thanksgiving is tomorrow here!  (I am just another user, not associated with Endnote.