Enter free text reference

I have EN X8 for Mac.

Is there any way to add a reference like the one below in “free text” without putting each element into the appropriate field, like Authors, Title, etc.?

Dall T, Storm M, Chakrabarti R. Neurologist Workforce Analysis: Estimating and Forecasting Supply and Demand, Final Report. Washington, DC: IHS Global, Inc; 2013.

When I add it into the “Free Text” Field, it shows up as a blank line in the reference list, and also in the generated bibliography. These are screen shots of what I get when I bring up the reference itself.


I am unfamiliar with reference type “free text” but if that is a stand alone field in a style, and not in the authors, year, title - it will show up “blank” in the library view unless you choose to display the generic field that “free text” is assigned to (and then it would be a later column). 

For the field to show up in the reference list, the bibliography template associated with the reference type would need to include that field.  – also, depending on the citation style, if numbered, in order of appearance, it could work, but if you need (author, year) style - that won’t work either, athough you could generate it manually.    

Is this just because you don’t think you will ever use this specific citation again?  I think it is more trouble than it is worth to skip entering the record as needed into  each field into your library.  

Thanks very much, Leanne. Yes, it is a one time reference. I agree it makes more sense just to parse it out and put everything in its proper field. I run onto these every once in a while, and it’s with references that don’t come from the NLM or other search engine.