How to display entire data of a reference in the library?

this is a tricky one:

How can I display all the data wich is saved for one reference in an endnote library?

In my current endnote installation, the reference window does only show the data of  the default fields (author, year, title, etc.)

however, in my library data (from a former customized endnote installation) there must be additional information for each reference, which had been saved in customized fields (which are not displayed in a new default installation).

how can I display all the information saved for one reference entry?

I tried to export the library to another reference management software like zotero, and for this i would need to convert to RIS format. But even in RIS format, only default fields are displayed.

thanx for your help


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Have you tried to add back some custom field names to the reference types in preferences?  Maybe if they are unnamed, they aren’t shown? 

Thanx Leanne for your suggestion. Playing around with Reference Types helped me personally to find a messy workaround for my specific problem.

I have described the workaround (by showing  Tools-> Subject Bibliography)


However, we still do not know how all data that has been saved for one reference can be displayed without the need to play around and try out severeal new fields.

It MUST be possible!  This is a basic functionality of a database system, right?

That is why I do not put the SOLVED mark on this question.

cheers isabel

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What happens if you open a reference, go to the Reference Type menu at the top of the window, and change it to “Generic”?

Great, that’s it!

Thank you, John !