Space after Reference list title X9

I am having an issue with my reference list/bibliography using Endnote X9.

Using APA 7 formatting which is double line spaced throughout, with no extra space after/before paragraphs or after titles, thus I need to have the first entry on the reference list start immediately after the title, however it has an extra line space after the title which I cannot remove no matter what I try.

Please see pic below.

I have searched the threads extensively and tried the following suggestions already:

  • In Word edit bibliography title and make sure there is no new line after the title
  • In Endnote edit output styles bibliography layout made sure there is nothing in the “start each reference with” field
  • In word Styles have made sure that the Endnote Bibliography Title style paragraph format is as it should be with no space added afterward
  • The style throughout the entire document is my default which is double line spacing with no added space between paragraphs
  • Simply delete the extra line between the title and ref list, however every time I add a new citation/bibliography is updated it reverts back to having the added space.
  • It is the same in multiple documents - not just occurring in one

ref list title

Is anyone aware of any solutions I could try?

Yes, I think this is just Endnote defaulting. I don’t use the Endnote Title field in the Bibliography Layout, and manually insert that in Word. Make sure the last paragraph of the document has no additional line space formatting beyond the spacing. The endnote bibliography formatting usually picks up the underlying “normal” paragraph settings.

Wow funnily enough that worked, I had actually tried that previously and it still kept giving me an extra space after it…Hmm maybe after I tweaked all the style stuff it changed something and allowed me to do it! Thanks, it had been doing my head in!