Erasing paragraph mark

Hi guys,

i have a problem with paragraph marks in my footnotes. It seems that EndNote is creating such paragraph marks randomly (see screenshot attached). I can erase these marks by using the draft mode in Word, but as soon as I update my citations the paragraph marks appear again. Does anyone know how to prevent EndNot from creating such marks?

Best wishes


I suspect that your record either has a paragraph after that field content, or your footnote template has a carriage return after that field name.  

You cannot edit an endnote field to remove it, or as you have found, it will just regenerate the content, when Endnote updates the document.  You need to identify the source of the paragraph.  

Thanks a lot for your advice, it gave me the right lead: The problem was that I copied and pasted the the titles (including existing marks from the original docoment) in my reference. So I in order to solve the problem I had to check my reference entries and typed in the title manually. Then it was fine!