Error message: out of memory

I am having some trouble formatting references in a document and get an error message: out of memory. The document is 2.4MB and the endnote file is 500KB. I am using Endnote X and Word 2003. The computer I’m using has 1GB of RAM.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can format this document?


I am not sure if the same thing is happening with you, but I remember either X or X1 had a memory problem. Every time I used change text function or keep the library open for long time, system memory was going down to 20-30MB even I had 4GB memory (actual memory is 3+ GB due to XP-32bit limitation). Several temporary solutions I came up were, 1: closing the library and reopen, which released some memory usage or 2: use memory de-fragmentation software. I reported when X2 was in beta, but X2 already did not have this problem. If you don’t have a software that de-fragment memory, try closing your library, reopen and formatting document again. In my case, it seemed regardless of the library size.

In the long run, I recommend to upgrade endnote or increase memory of your PC.

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I assume you have big figures in your document?  Is endnote handling those? 

Have you tried compressing them via the format picture options? Make a copy of your document.   Go to one of the images, select it and right click and choose format picture   - on the “picture” tab, the compress button (lower left hand corner) - apply to all pictures in document, print option.

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Hi, thanks for your suggestions.

I tried a number of things to resolve the problem in Word, including resaving the document and accepting all changes - it had quite a few tracked changes. This solved my problem in Word, however, I then had a message in EndNote: Generic Error. I got rid of this by switching to an author-date style. Eventually I managed to get Vancouver to work. I altered this style to superscript the in text citations - on a couple of them it grabbed some of the text in the document and put that into superscript as well. I fixed this manually in Word. I have my fingers crossed this document won’t need any further editing, it was rather stressful.

Thanks again.