Out of Memory Error Message

Whenever I try to format my Word 2003 document EndNote X3 fails to do so and i get a “out of memory” error message. Does anybody have a suggestion on how to fix this?



Do you have Word’s Track Changes feature turned on, or has it been turned on at some point in the document?

If it has then there may be a problem with those tracked changes, you would need to turn off Track Changes and Accept All Changes in the document. The steps for turning off Track Changes can be found at:


If the error continues after you have turned off Track Changes and accepted all changes in the document, create a new blank document in Word. Then insert few citations into that document, can you format the bibliography without receiving an error?

If you can format a new document then there is something wrong with the document you were originally trying to format. Please follow the step by step instructions in the below FAQ link to clean up field codes in your document:


You should now be able to work with this cleaned up version of the document.

I hope this information helps!

Thank you,