Error message when opening an attached PDF file


I’ve created a library with PDFs attached to each citation. I had to uninstall Adobe Acrobat 8 and install Adobe Reader 9. Since then I cannot open the attached PDF. I get the following error message:

“This URL (\\C: …etc…) could not be launched”

Is this because I uninstalled and reinstalled Adobe? Can anyone help?



see if this thread helps? 

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see if the above thread helps? 



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And one more: where this seemed to help another user:

Can you open a PDF from the folder?  What version of Acrobat (or what PDF reader) is on the new computer.  I seem to remember some problem with Endnote/Acrobat Reader 8.0 awhile back, but can’t find anything other than this: 


but it would seem to me, that a problem that bad would have a lot more press?