Failure to launch pdf - please help!

Hello, I’m using Endnote5 and MS Office 10, on a Windows 7 laptop.

I’ve been using endnote without any problems for months, but now whenever I try to open attachments it comes up with the error message: (This URL ([\D:\OSC\EndNote\My](file://\D:\OSC\EndNote\My) EndNote Library.Data\PDF\Wilber_2008–0362618881\Wilber-2008.pdf) could not be launched.

This is very annoying, and i’m worried about this affecting other people if I create a library and send it to them. Is there a way to fix this (i’ve googled it and found nothing) and if there isn’t, will it mess up libraries given to other people?


@spinelli wrote:

 [\D:\OSC\EndNote\My](file://\D:\OSC\EndNote\My) EndNote Library.Data\PDF\Wilber_2008–0362618881\Wilber-2008.pdf


The pathway looks odd (i.e., the double-slashes preceding the drive [\D](file://\D): drive). Have you tried going to the Wilber library record, removing then re-attaching the pdf to see if that “resets” the pathway?

This problem arises from an error in the way Adobe programs open PDF files on your computer. There has been a discussion elsewhere on the Endnote Forum and the solution posed there is to create a Windows batch file. Refer to the instructions at  this thread, but I would also contact Tech support to see if they have found a more straight forward or more recent solution, if it is related to an older version of Acrobat.  

One way to test if it is acrobat (PDF) specific is to attach an excel file.  Can that open?

I am assuming that your lab top has access to the “D:” drive and that it isn’t called something else.