pdfs... this url could not be launced


 Today I can’t open any pdfs from within Endnote X5 (Windows 7)

I’ve tried the ‘Open File’ button as well as double clicking the icon from within a reference in the ‘File Attachments’ field. Both produce the same error message.

This URL (\drive:\filder1\folder2\libraryname.Data\PDF\foldername3\filename.pdf) could not be launched.

The path is perfectly correct.

I CAN open the pdf file if I dig through the folders in the library.data folder so the file itself is fine. In addition, I can SEE the pdf beautifully in the ‘PDF & Quick Edit’ tab down by the ‘Preview.’ 

I have also created a brand new dummy library today, put in a reference, added a pdf it, and tried to open that pdf. No luck. So it is not even a matter of a lost Data folde since I only just created this dummy library.

PLEASE help.

>3000 references, all with attached pdfs.

The fix of this problem was to make sure that Acrobat Reader (or which ever pdf reading program you choose) is set as the DEFAULT program on the computer. I did this by just selecting any random pdf file on the computer, right click, choose default, select something that works such as Acrobat Reader. I suspect that my computer had been trying to open the attached pdfs in my EndNote library using Windows Media Player and that wasn’t working.