Error searching for records

I am currently using a demo version of EndNote X3 to search Web of Knowledge database.

Often after the ordinary request the following error is found:

Error searching for records

Message from remore server

XML Error: Error parsing WoS Search. Result (#33311)

Unable to parse response from server

Please restart EndNote program to attempt this again.

I never experience this say with PubMed but with WoS it appears quite often. Restarting EndNote helps but it really sucks to make restarts several times during a session.

Is this a problem of EndNote X3, WoS or both of them? Is it possible to bypass it anyway?

This error message will display when trying to connect to ISI Web of Knowledge only after using EndNote’s Find Full Text feature. This requires restarting EndNote. This is a known issue in EndNote X3 for Windows. We hope to have this solved with the X3.01 patch - available this fall.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

This problem persits in X3.0.1 Bld 4261.


Do you have a plan to fix this???

Yes. We are still working on it. It turns out testing this is much more complex than originally thought but I am confident that this can be included in EndNote X4. In the meantime, simply restarting EndNote solves the issue.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team