Problem with web of science search

Endnote (x2.01 on windows) has no problem with the first web of science (WoS) search, but when I tried to do a second WoS search, endnote always displays “error parsing WoS search result (#33311), unable to parse response from server”.

I have to close and reopen endnote to do another WoS search. If I want to do 5 WoS searches, I have to close/reopen endnote 5 times.

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I have this exact same problem.  Any ideas?

I am having this problem as well (screenshot attached), but with EndNote X3.0.1 (build 4261) for Windows. Web of Science is my favorite database but EndNote makes it virtually unusable. It is unbelievable that this error has gone without being fixed for so long.


Funny, I don’t have any problem with multiple searches with the WoS connection file (version X3.0.1 build 4261 for Windows). Maybe you could try re-installing the connection file? If not, this should be reported to tech support.

You’re right, I re-intalled the Web of Science connection file and everything is fine now.