Duplicating references


I am using EndNote X6 with Word, every time my references update in work, it repeats each reference in the text. THis includes when I delete one reference. Eg.

’As set out in the UK renewable energy roadmap (3)(3)(3)(3)'

I can’t manually remove all the duplicates, any idea why EndNote is doing this? THe problem began after I attempted to make a change to one of the styles.


this is usually a sign of a corruption in the document.  The easiest way to remove the corruption is outlined in this Knowlegebase article: http://endnote.com/kb/81143

I have exactly the same problem and have tried to unformat the document and copy into new document but it still fails. Although, my references show one with a hyperlink, the other without, but same (duplicated) reference. Happened after trying to format one ouput. This is how it apears in my word document.

flexibility in sequencing of the interview (Kendall et al., 2009)(Kendall et al., 2009),

The first ref citation displays the usual grey colour when selected, but the next (duplicate) doesnt. I dont know what is causing this. Please help. I am using a long document (300pages)

Thank you


Did you follow the clean up steps in the link I gave below?  If there is a corrupted field, copying the text, copies the corrupted field.