Exchange references with colleagues

I have an extensive library in Endnote. Every once in a while a colleague comes over and askes me for references. How can I supply them with single references out of my library?

I’m looking for a possibility to save references in an export file for them to import, as if these files were those you can download from libraries!

Thnanx for your help!:smiley:

I think the best way is to copy them from your library into a new empty Endnote library, assuming they have copyright access to any attached PDFs (Fair use), then use the compress library - or “send to” available in some recent versions of Endnote-  (so all the associated folders are kept together, especially if there are attachements)  and they can open it and import the library as an Endnote library. 

Alternatively you can select and export those records you want to share as an XML file and they can import the XML (filter as “Endnote generated XML”) - but in my test, it “thinks” it also has the PDF attachment, but it isn’t really there.  I find it safest to “show only” the references you wish to export, as in some versions of Endnote or in a write protected library, it exports everything showing, even if only some are selected. 

Finally, you can select the references, show only and export as Refer/BibIX format or Endnote Format, as a “.txt” file and import that into another EndNote library. 

In all cases, I recommend that they import with the Unicode (UTF-8) text translation, so they don’t lose any unicode characters.