How to export a whole library and send it to a friend?


Together with a firend I am writing a paper. I cited around 40 references ( which are only in my endnote library ). Unfortunately my friend doesn’t have these refences in his library. Is it possible that I can somehow export my whole library (all refence information in my library) and send it to my friend so that he then can easily implement this exported “library file” into his endnote library instead of manually importing all 40 refences?

I am using endnote X4 for Mac.

Thank you very much


there are three ways to work with a friend.

One, the paper itself has the necessary information to have you put in your refs and they put in theirs, the information is “embedded” in the document itself in the fields containing the citation.  As long as you don’t unformat to the temporary citations, it will be fine, although it is best that both authors are using the same version of word.

Two, if you have used all 40 in your paper, your friemd can export this information and import it into their library.  This will not share the full text PDFs you may have attached to your library though (which may be a good thing, as the are copyright protected and there may be restrictions on who you may share those with.) To do this, from the word endnote toolbar, something to the effect of “export travellling library”.   

Three, you can compress your library (on a PC this is under the file menu) and share the .enlx file created with your friend.  In more recent versions of Endnote, you may share parts of your library with them, with and without the attached files, but I don’t think X4 has this feature.