Importing references via txt file


I am working on a paper for my lab and my PI gave me a list of references used in a previous (but related) paper. She tried to export them as an EndNote library but I just recieved a Word document containing the bibliography (over 300 references!) Is there an easy way I can just import the text file and have EndNote look up the references and add them to a group? If that is not possible, what would be the easiest way to import multiple entries (assuming I cannot get a ENW file)??

Thank you.

I’m using EndNote 20 on a Mac. I’ve attached a small sample of the file.

185.txt (1.22 KB)

You really don’t want to go thru the bother of trying to import a text bibliography. 

Least information, she should export them as a Refman (RIS) output style, which you can import into your library (you may want to turn on “discard duplicates” in case you already have those references. 

Best thing would be for her to copy them into a new library and then compress that library and share that with you.  In that case you would open it (to uncompress) and then import that endnote library into your own.  – again discard duplicates on.  I suggest you make a back up of your own library first just in case…  

Finally, if she syncs her library, she can share the actual library itself with you, and you can open that in your desktop and copy the records you want into your own desktop library (here is the Helpfile from X9.3 on sharing).    

About Shared Libraries

EndNote X9 offers users the option to share your entire sync library with up to 100 other users with EndNote X7.2 or later.  

Library sharing provides entire teams with immediate and real-time access to an entire EndNote library, meaning the same set of references, attachments, notes, and annotations. Changes are sent and received via sync, so all members of the shared library need to have updated to X7.2 or later, have the desktop activated with sync preferences completed, and be connected to the internet in order to send and receive changes. Library sharing is recommended as an alternative to saving a library on a shared drive, or emailing a compressed copy around to a group of collaborators. 

To begin sharing:

  • Initiating library sharing from the desktop can be done from one of two places: the Share button or File —> Share…
  • After selecting either, the user is presented with the Share Dialog, where invites can be sent.

The Share Dialog allows you to do the following:

  • Invite people to have access to your Shared Library
  • Check the status of your invitations
  • Re-send (remind) invitations
  • Add or change access level for colleagues invited to share your library
  • Remove colleagues from your Shared Library

Inviting People to your shared library:

  • Open your synced library
  • Click on the   button.
  • If you are not logged into EndNote online, you will be prompted to log in
  • The Share dialog will pop up
  • Enter the email address (or addresses separated by commas) of the people that you would invite in the email box.
  • For each invitee, use the dropdown box to select the desired access level: Read & Write or Read Only
  • Enter an optional message to be sent to the above email addresses
  • Click the Invite button
  • Once users have accepted the Shared Library invitation, their activity in that library will be reflected in the Shared Library Activity Feed
  • You can remove or change a person’s access to your library by clicking on the gear next to their name