Exlude Pages in Footnote?


my colleague is experiencing a problem while writing a paper. She is trying to refer to a whole journal article rather than to a few specific pages of this article. I defined the output stype to automatically put "p. " at the end of every footnote. 

The template looks like this: 

Author: Title, in: Journal |Issue:|Volume (Year), S. Pages, S.

 Is there any possibility to exclude everything that comes after ‘Pages’ manually or in the Word-Endnote-PglugIn’s “Edit Citation” Section (where Years or Authors can be excluded)?

Thanks a lot for your help


Can you attach the output style you adjusted, and exactly what you want to achieve?  I suspect you need to isolate the pages field you are inserting and link the S to the field contents, so if they aren’t added, the associated text is not included.

Easiest to help sort this out, by looking at the output style itself.  

Sure. Here is the output style and a screenshot. I want to get rid of the part that is circled in yellow, because I don’t want to refer to a specific page in Mustermann’s article, but note how important his whole article is. 

PageProblem.ens (5.67 KB)

Can you tell me how you normally would use it?  – the best way is to use Cited Pages in that spot?  

Because you don’t have a field indicated after the S. it is difficult to include it or exclude it based on extra information added to the footnote.   When there are specific cited pages you want to note, you should edit the footnote citation to add the number in the cited pages field, after selecting “more”.  The footnote itself also needs to include this information.  

I have edited the attached style to include the “Cited Pages” field with the associated link adjacent and separation characters, so the ending S will only appear when cited pages are added to the citation, and see images for the insertion of cited pages (which confusingly in the edit citation box are just called “pages”) or blanking that box (default) where the S does not appear.  

PageProblem-cited-pages.ens (5.96 KB)

Thank you so much! Your style is the solution to my colleagues problem. I just did not think about marking the “cited pages” part as optional. 

Thanks again for you help. Much appreciated!