Export bibliographic list of (only) recently entered references

Hi everyone,

I was hoping you could help me with this issue I have.

I would like to share with colleagues a list of all the references I have added to our endnote library since I saw them in a previous meeting (and only the new ones). I imagine there is a way to do this, yet I haven’t found anything on the pdf start guide. 

For now, I have been trying to merge my up-to-date library with my ‘old’ un-updated (backup) library and then to delete all the duplicates within the newly formed library. This is not very handy though, and I fear that I risk missing on some references or messing up the list.

Any help is much appreciated!


You can display the “record number” which is a sequential “auto entered” field, which can be sorted, (reverse) so the most recent numbers are at the top. 

There is a field called “Added to Library”  which you could sort on.  

There is also an “updated” field, so you could catch ones that you may have altered. 

Depending on your version of Endnote, with X7 you can right click on the “header” bar in the library and tick and untick these fields.  – the date ones are at the very end, so you have to use the arrow at the bottom to see them.