Export BibTex from EndNote Web (with labels)


I am trying to export my library in BibTeX format to use it with Doxygen. Some of my refferences have lables, but when I export them, instead of the lable, I only get the recod number. I know that I have exported from EndNote web before and I had the labels, but I don’t seem to remember how.

Does anyone know how to do it?


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Am having the same issue and wanted to know if you could solve it?

I search for a solution on the web and found that you can modify the style of the export in:

Edit → Output Styles → (Either) New Style… or Edit “XXX Style”

I followed this and then in the edit menu I went to Bibliography-> Templates . I found that all references started with the Record Number. Eg.


@book{|RNRecord Number,
|   title = {Title},
|   publisher = {Publisher},
|   address = {Place Published},
|   volume = {Volume},
|   edition = {Edition},
|   series = {Series Title},
|   pages = {Number of Pages},
|   ISBN = {ISBN},
|   DOI= {DOI},
|   url = {URL},
|   year = {Year},
|   type = {Reference Type}


@misc{|RNRecord Number,
|   volume = {Volume},
|   number = {Number},
|   pages = {Pages},
|   month = {Date},
|   DOI= {DOI},
|   url = {URL},
|   year = {Year},
|   type = {Reference Type}

I have tried to change the first lines, by putting something like

|Label, or  Label, or Label, or |Label,

but none of this has worked. I think when I try to change the lines am not properly defining the Label thus it is not working. Anyone has any idea how to solve this?



Endnote has two BibTex output style files. One file includes the “Label” field while the other file omits the field.

If you wish to export records from:

  1. EndNote Web in a BibTex format that includes the Label field select the “BibTeX Export using EN Label Field”. (Refer to attached image.

2. EndNote Desktop in a BibTex format that includes the Label field use the “BibTeX Export using EN Label Field” output style file. The file may be downloaded from the Endnote websiteor refer to the attached copy.

BibTeX Export using EN Label Field.ens (40.6 KB)

I’m still having exactly the same issue, in the preview the first line is the label i set, but when i export it to a .bib file, it just goes back to RN number…

I had the same problem using “BibTex Export using EN label endnote”, and the solution in my case was difficult to find, but surprisingly simple: 

  1. Install “BibTex Export using EN label”.

  2. Go to Edit, Output Styles, Open Style Manager. 

  3. Locate “BibTex Export using EN label” and press Edit. 

  4. Go to Bibliography - Templates in the left menu. 

Here you will see the following: 



@book{|Label,|" etc.

  1. go through the list and replace all the “|Label,|” with “|Label|,”, i.e. move the comma to after the right bar: 



@book{|Label|," etc.

and save it. That fixes my problem.

I am a new user to EndNote, so I don’t know whats the cause of this (wrong EndNote version?). I’m not ready to claim that there is an error in “BibTex Export using EN label endnote”. But I really think this is strange. 

Thank you very much. I tried but still having the same problem. To be sure, how does your output seem? Mine is like:

author = {XXX},
title = {YYY},
journal = {ZZZ},
volume = {13},
number = {1},
pages = {12-34},

Thank you for your help!
May I add a follow-up question: How did you manage to generate proper labels for all the references in your library? None of my references has any “label”. This is why my Bibtex outputs still look like

author = {XXX},
title = {YYY},

And as it is, this does not work with latex. Thank you again