BibTex Export modified to export "Record Number", but not working


I’m using Endnote X6 to manage my bibliography, and I’m writing reports using both MS Word and LATEX.

For the purpose of being able to easily transpose a .docx document to a LATEX one, i’m trying to export the Record Number to my bibtex database.

I modified the Output style “Bibtex export” to my purpose, and it’s seems to be working in preview mode (in Style Manager), but when I do the export, I can’t find the Record Number.

More precisely, I’ve added this line in bibliography template for each docuement type i’m interested in :

   endnotekey = {Record Number`},

As stated above, this is working in the preview mode, but not on the acual export…

Is there something wrong in the way I modified the template or is this a wrong behavior of endnote?

Thanks for your help !

PS: Attach, my modified Output style

BibTeX Export with record number.ens (70.1 KB)

I haven’t tested the output style, but are you certain you are using the output style when you export.  There is a place in the dialog that specifies the output style being used, and it sin’t necessarily the one selected in the endnote program itself. 

My bad, I don’t know why, I was assuming the export filter was te one selected on the main window…

That’s working as assumed.

Thank you very much for your help !

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