Export preferences (Reference Types and Display Fields)

I’ve got the following question about EndNote X3:

I created a library with some references that I want to use/share with a group. I have also edited the reference types to display only the necessary fields, also i’ve edited the display fields and used different ones than the default fields. No my question is; how can I export these preferences settings to use them on other computers?

The way that i’m doing that now is by making a compressed library file, exporting the reference types and changing the display fields manually. I would like to know if there is a way of exporting my library file and all the preferences in one file?

You can use the export option in EndNote Preferences to export your Reference Type Table as an XML file. You would then need to send this file along with the EndNote library so that it could be imported by another EndNote user.

This is available from Edit > Preference > Reference Types.

See the attached screen shot.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team


Thanks so much for your solution!

Is there a way to export the display field settings as well, because I can’t seem to find it?

It would be nice if EndNote would have an option to export all the preferences at once so that when you use it in a group, everybody has the same settings/sees the same things.


I am still trying to learn the finer details of Endnote. I would like to share all components of preferences with other users. I thought linking to the reference tables and preferences (both located in a network) might work. 

I am using Endnote X.0.2 and I don’t see the export option. I tried by manually copying the RefTypeTable.xml to a server location creating a shortcut to the network-located file in “Documents and Settings[Your Name]\Application Data\EndNote”, and it does not seem to work. Endnote instead creates a new xml file. Am I missing something here?


There are instructions in the Help and PDF manual for export and import of the RefTypeTable.xml file. As for the other EndNote Preferences, these are stored in the Windows registry (or a pist file on the Macintosh) which can be exported. Making a back-up is recommended before changing any of these settings.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team