Transferring EndNote Preferences Across Computers

Hi! - I searched for an answer to this, but didn’t find one!  I need to transfer my EndNote preferences settings to two other computers – basically, I want them all to read and display my library in exactly the same way.  I tried copying the EndNote folder from the Application Data folder to one of the new computers, but it didn’t do anything – the program on that computer still insists on displaying things the default way, including not showing my custom field headings (though it has the data in the right places).  Is there a way to do this?  I just want to avoid having to waste time going in to each computer and changing individual settings manually…it seems to me that this is such a fundamental thing that there HAS to be a way…!  Thanks for your time and help!

Endnote’s X2.0.1 Help states:


Where Preference Settings are Saved

Most general preferences are saved in the Windows registry. This includes many EndNote Preferences, subject bibliography settings, and Cite While You Write settings. Some preferences are stored in user-specific folders; this allows multiple users to access a single library while saving each user’s preferred settings. The preferences folders listed below store files such as the connect.log file created during an online search, the RefTypeTable.xml file that contains reference type definitions, and a Search folder that contains saved search strategies:

Windows XP:  C:\Documents and Settings[UserName]\Application Data\EndNote

Windows Vista:  C:\Users[UserName]\App Data\Roaming\EndNote

As Leanne pointed out, preferences parameters of Endnote are spread out all over the places. If you are trying to synchronize preference parameters for just two computers, manually matching them will be safer and faster. I do the preference synch for 4 PCs by copying and transferring registry data (using REGEDIT), but sometimes I have problems like, some windows go outside of the screen, etc. Tweaking registry data is not really a safe method, and could cause some serious problems. But if you are PC savvy person, you could do it.

The preference parameters I usually want to synch are, reference data type ( which can be exported/imported ), font size, default folder location, and display field. Setting up these things manually doesn’t take long time, even for 4 PCs. What else you want to make them “exactly the same way”? Have you tried custom field heading exported from one computer and imported to another?

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