Export style with modified field names?


I am using X4 on a Win7 PC. We wish to import references from a bunch of library searches, modify them and then export them to be imported into a web-friendly SQL database. I am using a Tab-delimited export style but would like to reorder the fields and rename them. Unfortunately, I am not having total success getting the fields to be recognized upon export. In particular, “Epub Date” appears to be a dead string and just repeats in each record as “Epub <date of publication>”.

I am not having any luck finding help, print, or web docs on editing these fields and my time to work on this is growing short. Do I need quotation-mark delimiters? Avoid reserved words?  Wisdom from the community? 

Pointers to the process for editing the Bibliography template for output style or the equivalent would be welcome!

New to posting in the forum, I usually just cherry-pick from existing topics. Thanks!

Kathleen Moore in San Diego

Instead of using the tab-delimited output style have you tried the Refman (RIS) Export style? The latter exports the data in a horizontal format where each field is preceded by a 2-3 character “tag” that provides alot of flexibility for importing the data into another database.

You can reorder the Tab Deliminted version, but should stick to the generic field names.

The tab delimited style is set up to export the fields based on their “generic” field names.  so “Epub Date” is the generic field “Edition”.  The columns end up lined up.  Have you explored some of the threads that discuss exporting to Acess or Excel? Here are two that might help you. 



Thanks, Leanne, I will incorporate your advice-via-topic and see what I accomplish.

I will add that the Bob Gear treatise  on EndNote 2 MS Access has moved and is hard to find. It is living in an “old”-named directory structure so it may be deleted in future file cleanups. I dug it out here:


Hey, Gecko, I’ve never looked at the RIS format. I will take a look at that. Thanks.

Can the moderators attach file types that we can’t, so the PDF in the message below can be attached, and keep it from disappearing?  Perhaps we should get Bob Gear’s permission?