Exporting In Tab Delimited Format so other Reference Management Software Can Import?

So I am trying to export some of my references into tab-delimited, .txt format, so that people who do not use EndNote can import this reference using a different reference management software.

I know how to use EndNote to export references into tab-delimited format, however, I noticed that when I do so using EndNote, I cannot import that tab-delimited file back into EndNote because the field names are missing and I must type them in manually. So I was wondering if I manually type in EndNote’s field name formatting, would people using other reference management software be able to import that file or would they have to type in their own field names according to the format required by their reference management software? Do other software use the same format, or different? Would it be best for me to leave the file as it is and let other people type in their own field names, or should I type in the field names for them and it would still work in their reference management software?

Thanks a lot for your help!

You may want to look at these threads  (“column headers” and “columns not all in a row”) for some of the answers…