Transfering library from endnote web to endnote 6

I’ve been using endnote web (access through proxy) and have my library saved there. I am now on my work computer where I tried installing the word plugg-in but that didn’t work for some reason. The computer has Endnote 6 so I want to know if I can export my endnote web library to the endnote 6 program and start using that instead. 

If I export the web libraries I get -.txt, -.html; -.rft files none of which are recognized when i try to open new libraries in endnote 6.



Greetings Linda,

Instructions from an associated FAQ:

If you have EndNote 9 or earlier, you can export references from EndNote Web to a format that can then be imported into EndNote. To do this:

   1. Create your export list in your EndNote Web library.

   2. Click the Export link in the left navigation pane, under Organize References.

   3. Export references from EndNote Web following the export instructions using “RefMan (RIS) Export” as the export style.

   4. Click the Save To… button and save the export file to your computer.

   5. Open EndNote.

   6. Open an existing library or create a new library to receive the EndNote Web references.

   7. Select Import from the File menu.

   8. In the Import dialog, click Browse to select the export file.

   9. Select “Reference Manager (RIS)” as the Import Option.

  10. For EndNote 8 or later, select “No Translation” as the Text Translation.

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I don’t achieve to save my lybrary in the RIS format neither whatever other format. All of the files saved when you tray to export from endnote web are in txt format and then EndNote x6 can’t read it.

In other hand, if I try to sync the endnote x6 with my endnote web, it doesn’t works neither.

Can you help me?

Endnote 6 or Endnote X6? (I suspect the latter)  I suggest that you contact Tech Support by phone (or email) - as they are trying to figure out why some people have trouble syncing libraries.   

I am having the same problem… did you sort it out?