exporting citations - "saving" message??

Hi everyone.  I am new to Endnote but have read all the guidance notes and online help. 

I often, but not always, have a problem exporting citations from online databases.  I go through all the normal steps, and a little box appears in the bottom right of my screen with the title of the article I’m citing and a message that says “saving”.  So this is very encouraging, but then when I look in my endnote library, the citation isn’t there, which is frustrating to say the least.  

Does anyone know what’s going on?  Maybe it’s saving them somewhere else?

Thanks a lot!  I have essays due in the next few weeks, so need to sort this out!


Are you using Firefox? Do you have Zotero installed? Sometimes it snags things that you’re trying to export. Go into the Zotero preferences and uncheck the box that says something about downloaded RIS files.

(If Zotero is installed). 

Wow - thanks so much.  They are all in there! 


That has really helped me.  Thank you.