exporting from Endnote 9 to alternate database format

Hello all:

I am having an exporting problem that has been addressed on this forum before, but with Endnote 9.  As I am new to the software, I assume there is some minute detail I have missed in the extensive Google and forum search processes.

I have tried several times, all unsuccessfully to save the Endnote database in a format that is easily accessible in the Excel or Access formats.  While I was able to save the library as a .txt format, I was unable to then reopen it in Endnote (which one respondent said would remove the carriage returns responsible for causing all the unnecessary splits in the data across cellse), or in Excel (using the Data import feature).  I am running MS Office 2007, and there seems to be only one option to import any data, and it does not work for me after setting up a database much like Maritha’s example, i.e.: author, date, journal, title, etc.  Is it possible I have multiple carriage returns or some other such formatting problem?  I tried to replace all CRs with ;<space> but when it opens in Excel, the terms ;<space> merely appears as another term (and in the wrong place anyway).  

Having exhausted what appears to be all the available options, I have resorted to submitting this question to the forum in hopes that some more experienced individual will be able to help me.  Thanks in advance!


In EndNote, select “Tab Delimited” as your output style. Then Edit > Copy Formatted.

In Excel, click Paste.

This is not perfect.  Columns will vary depending on the reference formats and contents of data fields.  Test it with small sets of the same reference type, such as Journal Article.  To tab columns uniformly, you must have content in the same data fields.


Dear Emily,

exporting from EndNote to Excel is the easy part. But how do I import references from Excel into EndNote?



We have found the answer ourselves now - it’s even explained in the EndNote manual! (page 212 in the X2 manual)

You simply have to edit the Excel CSV file you want to import into EndNote so that it looks like this:

*Journal Article<¶>
Author <tab> Year <tab> Title <tab> Journal <tab> Volume <¶>
Jones, J// Shoe, S <tab> 1994 <tab> Easy Food <tab> J. of Eating <tab> 1 <¶>
Woo, W //Lee, L <tab> 1995 <tab> Rain Hats <tab> J. of Clothing <tab> 2 <¶>
Carlos, C//Luis, L <tab> 1991 <tab> Cat Talk <tab> J. of Animals <tab> 3 <¶>

Importing such a file with the Tab Delimited Import Filter should work fine, in EN9 as well as in X2.