using endnote with excel or access

Is that possible to export the data to a Excel or Access?

You could export EndNote references as a text file which in turn could be “read” (i.e., imported) into Excel or Access.  However, there’s a problem as the exported text file will not include delimiters such as commas, tabs, or fixed spacing to separate  each record’s fields - so you will need to manually insert them into each record.  Once the delimiters are in place you could then import the file into Excel or Access.

I think you would export with the tab delimited output style.  Then you would import the tab delimited file into your software.  If you don’t have it installed, you can download it from the web site (here).

The export options seem to be limited to: text file, rich text format, HTML, or .XML. Both text files (.txt, .rtf) are undelimited (i.e., no tabs, commas, fixed widith, etc.) to separate the fields.

In the export dialog for more recent versions of endnote, there is a place to select the style.  There you would choose the tab-delimited style.  In older versions of Endnote, the export uses the style showing in the endnote style window.  this time I attach the style itself. 

Tab_Delimited-Aug2010.ens (9.71 KB)

Thanks for your patience and the file.  I was in a mindset about the delimited export option being available via the toolbar’s “Export” menu command so totally missed the part of using the Tab-delimited output style - which worked perfectly.

Tks a lot for your responses. I tried the Tab Delimited, but still can not use it properly with Excel… Anyway, I will continue to try. TTS again.

Could you describe what you’re doing and what versions of EndNote and Excel you’re using?