Extending an online subscription after 2 years?

Does anybody know what happens to a synced 2-year EndNote online subscription when there’s no new version of EndNote desktop to update to? Online I keep getting a warning about ‘limited functionality’ (i.e. attachment & file size limitations) if I don’t upgrade EndNote desktop, but there’s nothing to upgrade to, as I have the latest version! I contacted support and was told ‘We are not able to confirm the details of your extension at this time’. Anybody know more?

Since posting my original question, I’ve found this recent advice on a US college library site: “Syncing your EndNote online and EndNote desktop application provides free 2 year access to EndNote Premium Online. The Premium access will expire after the 2 year access (this timetable resets whenever you download an upgrade to the EndNote Desktop), and your online account will revert to EndNote Online Basic. Any references/file attachments that are already uploaded in EndNote Online will remain there, but syncing or adding references beyond the EndNote Basic limits will not be allowed.” So there doesn’t seem to be any way of resetting the online subscription for another 2 years or avoiding the restrictions/limits, since there’s no upgrade available when my 2-year period expires next month.

I would reach out directly to Clarivate. In the past, they didn’t impose this restriction under these circumstances – although that was probably before Clarivate took over.

Thanks, yes, tried this. So far the best they can say is, 'We are not able to confirm the details of your extension at this time’. So we’ll see what actually happens when the subscription with Clarivate expires in a few weeks…

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So, just an update on this, as others will be in the same position. Without explanation, Clarivate extended my free 2-year subscription to my.endnote.com ‘Premium’ by 6 months. Looks to me like Clarivate is leaving open their option to force a paid upgrade in due course. Happy, however, to still have full-featured access in the meantime.