Extra information part of Chicago 16th Style

I’m wondering why the Chicago Manual of Style output style has some of the extra information that it does.  For example, the bibliography template for books looks like this:

Author. Title Prefix Title [in Language]| [Translated Title]|. Translated by Translator|. Series Title|. edited by Series Editor|. Edition ed. Number of Volumes vols|. Vol. Volume,| Place Published|: Publisher, Year|. Type of Work|. doi:DOI|. Reprint Edition|. Original Publication|.

So I get a citations like these:

Sand, Jordan.  Tokyo Vernacular : Common Spaces, Local Histories, Found Objects [in English].  Berkeley: University of California Press, 2013.

Fielitz, Sonja, and Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht. Präsenz Interdisziplinär : Kritik Und Entfaltung Einer Intuition [in German]. Beiträge Zur Neueren Literaturgeschichte,; Bd. 301; Variation: Beiträge Zur Neueren Literaturgeschichte ;; Bd. 301.  Heidelberg: Winter, 2012. Conference publication (cnp).

(I exported these titles from WorldCat.)

As far as I can tell, the Chicago Style (16th ed.) doesn’t call for specifying language in brackets after the title or for indicating the type of work after the publication information.  I could edit my copy of the output style, but I mention this because I think the current template (at least in some cases) is incorrect, and corrections could benefit the whole community if they went into the “master” output style.