Extra spaces in Chicago 16th style???

Hi all,

I’m busy using temporary citations in the research paper that I’m working on, and then converting these to proper citations when I finish each section of the work. However, when I format the temporary citations, I see that Endnote is putting extra spaces between the title of a book and the publisher information. I’ve checked the templates in my Style Manager to see if there were any extra spaces that had been accidentally placed in the template, but everything there looks ok.

I can’t understand why EndNote would put these extra spaces in there when I clearly can see that there is no such space in the template or in the information that I have captured. It only happens with book entries, and only when I’m including the information for a book written by a single author. If I’m using an edited book, journal article, book section, or any of the other multitude of reference types that I have for this project, the software handles the citation with no problem.

Anyone out there have any ideas what’s going on?



The extra spaces may be due to a misplaced/missing syntax command (e.g.,forced separation, link adjacent text). Check the Book template and see if an adjustment addresses the problem otherwise you could: 1) attach your style file so folks can take a look; or 2) download and install a new Chicago 16th style file.

Thanks, I eventually managed to (sort of) come right with this one - for some reason the default syntax on the Book style was set with too many spaces between certain optional fields, which meant that CWYW was then putting some of those spaces into my references that did not contain those optional fields.