Output Style problems

Hello everybody!

I tried searching for my problem, but found no results, so I’m opening a new thread. Sorry if I’m causing any inconvenience.

I use EndNote X5. I have a problem with organizing my Bibliography with Output Styles. According to the instructions I should be using Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) 16th edition, but if I use that specific output style, my references aren’t properly written. They should be as it follows:

  • Book, Single author:

Smith, Peter. 1992. Book Title. Place: Publisher.

  • Book, two authors:

Smith, Peter in (that’s and in the language I’m using) John Doe. 1992. 1992. Book Title. Place: Publisher.

  • Book, three or more authors:

Smith, Peter T., John Doe in Jane Martin, ur. (ur. is an abbreviation for editor) 1985. Book Title. Place: Publisher.

  • Chapter in a book:

Smith, Peter. 1999. Chapter Title. V (v means in) Book Title, ur. John Doe in Jane T. Martin, 55–72. Place: Publisher.

  • Journal Article, one author:

Smith, Peter. 1993. Article Title. Journal 30 (1–2): 14–25.

  • Journal Article, two authors:

Smith, Peter in John Doe. 1968. Article Title. Journal 57 (3): 634–649.

(… I believe you get my drift)

I was browsing through the output styles and haven’t found one that would match exactly. Would it be best if I create my own? Can I even do that? I tried to “pimp” some of the existing ones, but I don’t understand all the little details (like some of the signs in between words that are used - for example: | and different dots). 

I know I sound super confusing, but I hope you can help me. Thank you so much for your time & patience :wink:!

Did you check the output style for Chicago 16th B?  The bibliography templates seem to match your examples but may need some minor modifications. Also this style does not include footnotes.  If you need the footnotes templates you can copy them into the Chicago 16th B to adjust the style to fit your needs.

Thank you for your answer, it was very helpful. I wanted to use Chicago 16th B, but didn’t - exactly because I need footnotes. Could you please explain how to copy footnotes into this particular style (I wasn’t aware you could do something like that). Thanks :smiley:!

To copy footnote or bibliography templates from one output style to another just have both styles open simultaneously* (see attached). Then select template content, copy and paste it into the receiving template. To “add” more template headings (reference types) to Chicago B , click the Reference Type pull-down menu and select the template name.

If it’s less confusing, you can reverse the process and copy the Chicago A’s footnote templates (instead of the bibliography) into Chicago B.


*Note: To display both output styles simultaneously first open one style by going to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, OUTPUT STYLES, EDIT name of the style you’re using (e.g., Chicago A). One the style is open go back and change the style section to the second output style (e.g., Chicago B) then open that style by going to the toolbar, select EDIT, OUTPUT STYLES, EDIT name of style.

That was very helpful! Thank you!


Just a note**  When copying these templates between styles, occasionally the link adjacent text marks between certain fields get removed or turn into regular spaces.  These marks are common with the Editor<linkadjacent>ed.^eds  and the p.^pp.<link adjacent>Pages.  Other fields also have these marks like Vol before and after Volume and Ed or Edn before or after edition. 

Without the link adjacent text mark, the extra suffix or prefix text will print whether or not the field exists.  So your bib may end up having extra text that doesn’t belong.  One way to return those marks to their correct place is to use the CTRL-ALT-Spacebar, or simply use the Insert Field and add the Link Adjacent Text where it belongs.

Cheryl–The EndNote Web Team