Extra period when using "short form" of reference in footnote

Using Chicago A style, I am trying to cite two articles within a single footnote. One of the articles has been cited previously in the document, and therefore it should be displayed in its short form. However, when I add a second citation following the shortened reference, there is an extra period between the two items.  
For example:  
Byrne and Rathwell, "Medical Savings Accounts and the Canada Health Act: Complimentary or Contradictory."; Frank Cervone, "The Open Source Option," _Library Journal_ 128, no. 12 (2003).   
I want the footnote to look exactly like this, except for the period after the word "Contradictory"  
This period does NOT appear when multiple references appear within a single footnote in the full form.   
Is there any way I can edit the output style to get rid of this extra period following the short form of the reference?  
I am using X2 with Word 2007 on Windows XP.  
Grateful for any advice!

I still haven’t found a solution (or case) for this problem. Any help?


I can reproduce this problem in EndNote X3.

Of course, there is no problem if you cite a particular page, using the Edit Citations function. The problem occurs if you are just citing the work as a whole.

I don’t remember this problem in earlier versions of EndNote. But in earlier versions, there would have been a problem if you cited a specific page, because EndNote would have inserted a colon after the short title in the repeat citation.

I may be wrong, but I think that the developers, in trying to solve the problem of the colon in the repeat citations of journal articles, have introduced a new problem with repeat citations that do not cite a specific page.

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Ok, thanks. At least it’s good to have confirmation that this can’t be fixed by output style tweaks.

I am using EndNote X2, so evidently this quirk goes back at least one version.

I noticed the same problem with older version and stil with X3