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I am trying to figure out the punctuation rules for citations in footnotes.  For instance, if I cite something in the middle of a sentence, I would like Endnote to not place a period at the end of the citation.  Is there any way to make sure that this happens automatically, or do I have to adjust each bad punctuation by hand?


This has always been a problem with footnote styles in EndNote. You can certainly edit the Footnote Templates in the output style to remove the period at the end of the references. This means that you will then have to insert a period at the end of every footnote, but that is normal practice when writing.


The problem with this solution is that you will now find that, with certain references (especially Ibids and repeat citations with short titles) you get an unwanted space at the end of the reference. This is a bug and there is not workaround that I know of.


So either way you will have to do some editing of your footnotes at the very end, after you have removed the EndNote field codes. I wish Thomson would fix this problem.


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Thanks, John.  As it turns out, you were right.  I spent a considerable amount of time last night trying to figure this one out.  Thomson’s tools were not helpful. 

The only way I could get it to work was to run EndNote in word, then close the document and re-open it in Pages.  Since Pages and EndNote do not speak to each other, I could then change anything in the citations.  But I was then stuck with a Pages document. 


Just to confirm, does this issue still apply in Endnote X2?

thank you


The problem with the errant space is best resolved by removing the | between the issue and the year field: 

Author, “Title,” review of Reviewed Item, Journal Volume|, no. Issue (Year)|: Cited Pages|

This will return the “Ibid” without a space.

The issue of the period /vs no period still exists, since EndNote does not know how to tell where a citation is actually being inserted in the document.  (end of sentence as opposed to middle of sentence)


The solution proposed above to trailing spaces after ibid makes no difference to book references. See this thread.

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After a couple of hours of trying to get footnote to format correctly so Ibid. would work right, you gave me the fix I needed.  Much appreciated. 

Here’s a similar problem. I get a trailing space after an in-text citation where I suppress the date but not the author. How can I remove it?

The formatting is just Author Date

Screen shot 2010-05-05 at 5.10.03 PM.jpg

The extra space might be due to one present in the reference.  Locate the reference and recheck the entry for the author’s name by placing your cursor at the end of the name to verify if there’s a space or not.

Thanks. Unfortunately that is not the source of the problem here.

Is the trailing space occuring for all in-text citations or only with particular references?  If it’s consistently occuring for all references, maybe there’s something amiss n the Citations Template of the particular style you’re using.

Please attach the style you are currently using?  It appears you have edited it to remove the parentheses.  There is a discussion here which describes how to remedy the extra space, but note that you can probably fix it for dropping the year OR dropping the Author, but not both.  

THAT solved it! At last. Thanks very much. Restores my faith in this fabulous program. Though I should add that what I now will use is 


and that whenever I add a final forced separation ( | ) at the end after Year, EndNote eliminates it automatically from the style, oddly. It doesn’t seem to matter though. For what it is worth. Jim P.